Greg Smith

Greg Smith

Web Developer

[email protected]

Hi! I'm a full-stack web developer based in Adelaide Australia. I use acronyms and buzzwords like React, Vue, PHP, Git, Docker and AWS to build bespoke websites and services that handle high volume traffic, give structure to messy data, integrate with third party systems, and automate annoying processes.

I can be found on both the front- and back-end side of things, as well as setting up the infrastructure that makes it all work. I first started all this way back when I was 11 with a Harry Potter fan site, which means (checks fingers) I've been doing it for over two-thirds of my life.

I work at a small agency, Lightbulb Digital. In my spare time I enjoy photography and hiking at a pace slow enough to frustrate most sane people (especially when I bring my macro lens).

I'm currently not taking on any freelance work, sorry.

Some random made-up words and acronyms that I use to do Things: