Greg Smith

Web Developer


Hi there

My name’s Greg and this is my Web site. I’m a twenty-four year old Computer Science graduate and front- and back-end Web developer from Adelaide, Australia. I work as the Lead Developer at Lightbulb Digital, love all things Web and have an unhealthy addiction to Angry Birds. I love simplicity in design (although it’s okay to show off on occasion!) and hate when I can’t make something behave how I want it to. My browser of choice is Google Chrome and I use Windows 8 because i like the look of it, and Ubuntu and OS X annoy me.

I have a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Adelaide, Australia, and around two years of experience as a professional Web developer, but I’ve been making Web sites since I was twelve. My main skills are with Object Oriented PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, WordPress and Magento. I also dabble in a bit of Java and C# in my spare time, specifically Android/Windows Phone apps.